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Where the rest of the night goes is totally up to you, and we always encourage embracing whatever makes you feel empowered.Personally, I’d recommend getting home before midnight, because when dating, I’m all for the chase.You’re guaranteed to know enough about a person to have heard a few stories before your first meet-up. The good news is (and of course I’ll make an obvious plug here), our company, Bumble, is solving this.There are massive amounts of people to meet in Austin, but it’s hard to get outside of your circle to meet people.We pride ourselves in being forward-thinking and green, and it’s true – we do a lot of recycling in this city.But I’m not talking about trash; I’m talking about exes.Maybe this feels awkward, or maybe this is a way to get through an uncomfortable situation head-on and see how you and your potential love interest handle the wild world of exes.

If you’re light on scouting hours, the ladies at Bumble have, naturally, created an app for that.I decided to see what the buzz was about so I tried ye ole interweb. I arranged a rendezvous on Footloose Friday at Barbarella, where I go when I need to cut a rug to Sir Hall and Sir Oates.It’s the latest thing and I’ll admit the feature where the female has to kick off the conversation had me giddy. With a darkly lit dance floor and the perfect crowd density for a quick round of “daiquiris” (code word my pals like to use to escape a social encounter gone awry), Barbarella makes for an ideal first-meet spot.By Alex Williamson 157 PEOPLE MOVE TO AUSTIN A DAY, ACCORDING TO THE U. Despite the rapid population growth, this city has a small town feel.Everyone knows everyone, or knows someone who does.

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