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One of the best things about living in a smaller city is being able to actually know the people around you.

If your dog decides to stroll away from home, there’s a high chance that someone will find the fuzzy runaway and get him home for you.

Wyoming is one of those underrated states that tends to get forgotten, but once you step inside you are privy to some beautiful mountains, granite formations, and more.Trees tend to lean the way that the wind blows, but wind turbines gather up all that power and send it across the country.Other things Cheyenne has given the world include Neil Diamond, who lived in the city while his father served in the military, country music artist Chris Le Doux, and Olympian John Godina.The people here are fantastic, the landscape is beautiful, and Wyoming delivers a cowboy/Old West feel like no other state.You can spend the day mountain biking, then head into town for drinks and a show.

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