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We’ve given him creative license to write about whatever is on his mind and heart concerning marriage. Continue reading Today we’re thrilled to step aside as our son, Jason, shares what’s on his heart concerning marriage.

We think you’ll enjoy his writing style as he is quite funny.

Why do men think that dating is just before marriage? The only time he seems to carve out anytime is when his kids come to our house. In fact sometimes I feel like the minute his kids arrive I am not even there.

Why do men stop dating their wives after they get married? There are times when he realizes he has not been paying enough attention to me and purposefully does not take out his laptop. But I have told him I feel he needs to make more of an effort to date me.

He need to take me on a weekend getaway at least twice a year.

My husband MAYBE might take me out once a month on date.

I read your post on how a man is to know his wife – I almost cried when I read it because I want that from my husband. I just feel like all I am here for is to do his and his kids laundry, cook for them and drive them places, and of course have sex with him.

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Continue reading We recently heard of a husband who was offered a job in a foreign country.

We are encouraged to do this in the hopes it will become a life-long habit. Continue reading We just spent a week in AZ where there is a light ordinance. Continue reading It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I have something to share I believe will help the husbands (and wives too).

Basically what this means is the street lights must point completely downward, and they cannot be detected from over 200 ft. Debi and I were shopping not long ago when something happened that surprised me. Continue reading I had the privilege of attending a meeting yesterday for the men of our local church.

He tells me things will get better financially in a couple years after we pay off the debt. If something is important to you – you make it happen.

But again I am not as important to him as his job or his kids.

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