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Aided by the computer, a CT Scan is able to put together different “slices” and create a three dimensional view, clearly showing both bone and soft tissues.Columbus Diagnostic Imaging features the GE CT Brightspeed Elite 16 slice.This exam can determine if a blood clot is present. is able to produce an image of bone and soft tissue from many different body angles.We will take pictures extending from the groin area down to the calf. This enables your radiologist to quickly and precisely diagnose a wide variety of conditions.In actuality, a CT scan is an x-ray procedure enhanced by a computer.During a routine x-ray, dense tissues can block other areas.The x-ray tube rotates around the part of the body to be examined and thin “pictures” are taken.As the pictures are being taken, the table moves through the cylinder.

At Columbus Diagnostic Imaging, we do have the ability to videotape a portion of the exam, and patients will be given a few images to take home for the baby’s record book.For a pelvic ultrasound, a full bladder is necessary to see the uterus and ovaries.On most patients, an internal scan is also performed.We provide a complete range of Outpatient Imaging services at a convenient location in Columbus.We are part of the Columbus Regional Health system and work closely with our hospital-based imaging services to extend our full range of services.

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