Craigslist buffalo dating

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I texted her from my train to tell her that it was running a little bit late and she said that hers was doing the same thing.By the time I’d updated her on my transfer to the 7 train at Queensboro Plaza, she said she was on the same train as me, but we were in different cars.When I got Lata’s lighthearted email offering a “solution” to my “problem,” I was very happy to take her up on the offer.She sounded fun and her pictures didn’t make her look like a killer.By the time April had rolled around, I had been posting on Craigslist for months with only a couple bites. Another emailed me once but I never heard back from them again.

After all, I got many dates from Ok Cupid, and there were probably more decent men to choose from on there.

We were asked if we wanted anything to drink and we told the waiter we’d stick with water for the time being. My first impression of her, 15 minutes earlier, was that she looked older than the photos she’s sent me.

She was confident and carried herself extremely well.

If anything, she maybe looked a bit young, but I figured the age difference couldn’t be anything too drastic.

We made plans to meet at an Italian restaurant in LIC, since I lived in Astoria and she lived in Flushing, which meant that anything off of the 7 train was convenient for both of us.

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