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Well apparently we're smart, beautiful and easy, umm...

Most women in Finland are 8's, Finland has less amount of 10's than Sweden, but Sweden has less 8's... I know, it gets bit confusing, I believe there is like math involved.

Last book that I read that was almost as funny as this was Brett Sills' novel "My Sweet Saga" where an American travels to Sweden pretending to be an astronaut.

If you have anything at all to do with Finland: in-laws, Nokia connections, considering following your sweetheart to Finland, moving back to Finland from wherever your parent's moved to, or if you came to spend a summer here once - this book is for You.

But the question becomes: How can you possibly attract or even meet a Finnish boyfriend or girlfriend without first learning the language?

Don’t worry, with a little help from Finnish Pod101, you can learn how to say I love you in Finnish and the top romantic phrases that will help you attract your soul mate.

So when your Finnish girlfriend or boyfriend wants to go out to a restaurant, play Pokemon Go, or attend just about any social function, you have the vocabulary and phrases necessary to have a great time!

Falling in love with a Finnish man or woman is actually an opportunity for both of you to potentially learn a new language!

That’s why every single lesson, transcript, vocabulary list, and resource at Finnish Pod101 is translated into both English and Finnish.

But first, let’s learn how falling in love with a Finnish partner can quickly boost your language skills.

Beyond learning romantic Finnish phrases, dating a native speaker literally immerses you in the culture in ways that no lessons or textbooks could ever accomplish.

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