Dating gave up

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We are the same zodiac sign, which made us a great match. Jumping head first into the dating game has left my heart feeling like it went through a hurricane.

Getting over these men has shown me that there’s strength in forgiving people that aren’t even sorry.

It was difficult to have a conversation of substance with him because he never gave a straight answer, constantly asked me if I missed him and picked at me for the smallest things.

Texting him always led to arguments because he was so sensitive and when I would address something he did that I didn’t like he said I was talking about something “old” when it only happened the day before. I dated someone who didn’t have a college education and was still trying to figure out where he was going in life at 27.

But when it would be time for us to meet up he would cancel. He re-emerged with an apology after a week and yet another excuse as to why he had been sending me to voicemail.

I always accepted the excuses he gave me because they seemed legit. He promised to never do it again, but a few weeks after we finally met up he disappeared again. He tried to find his way back into my heart but I dismissed him. When I finally did speak to him and he decided to tell me why he cut me off, it didn’t ease the pain.

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