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' Protected Sub Grid_Row Updated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Dev Express. Sql Command("sp_insert_cpt_code_master", Sql Conn) ' Cmd. By default, if an exception is raised within a Row Updated event handler, it is silently swallowed by the grid control. Catch Row Updated Exceptions static property to false on the application startup.To prevent exceptions from being caught internally by the grid control, you can set the Dev Express. Hello Debra, As I understand it, you want to implement custom row updating. In this case, I suggest that you handle the ASPx Grid View. To learn more about it, please see the following articles: Customize data updates using the Row Updating event Editing an in-memory dataset If you want to handle the ASPx Grid View. I have to choose the same company in this combobox again.

I chose one of the companies and departments which blongs to it appeared in the detail grid. Get Master Row Key Value(); doesn't match because Selected Index is object, Get Master Row Key Value is integer. It's value is automatically calculated by the data source, based upon the values of other fields.When a new record is added within a grid, the calculated column's value can be accessed only after this record has been saved to the data source.Do not use this parameter to identify the current row. The Row Updated event occurs after the Validate Row event, which is fired before the modified row is saved to the data source.To save the focused row to the data source, the Update Current Row method can be used.

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