Dexter dating lumen

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First of all the really big thing for me was at the birthday party when Deb says to Dex ' YOU must be glad now all this is over', could it be that Debs has had her suspicions all along that Dexter was the vigilante.She's one of the best detectives on the force and had met Lumen at Dexter's old house in an earlier episode, surely it wouldn't have taken much for her to realise there was a possibility the mysterious blonde who's turned up in Dexter's life could well be victim 13.She also listed the official date of the couple’s separation as August 9, 2010.According to the documents obtained by , Carpenter is requesting that the court award her spousal support, as well as have Hall pay for any attorney fees. Julia joined the cast of the popular Showtime series during the recently concluded fifth season as recurring guest star Lumen Pierce, a rape and torture victim whom Dexter Morgan (Hall) rescues and helps seek revenge on her captors.Dexter plans a scheme with Lumen to catch Cole in the hotel and he asks Lumen to buy plastic and other stuff.Liddy forces a car crash at the parking area of a supermarket to get Lumen's personal data.“I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer,” Julia said in a statement issued to on Thursday. This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy.

Hall, but the actress said she played no part in Hall’s real-life divorce from fellow series star Jennifer Carpenter, who officially filed for divorce from Hall on Thursday.

I actually thought she had her suspicions about Dexter at the end of last season when she found Dexter at Trinity's house and despite giving him a puzzled look accepted his defence that he'd just arrived to do some blood analysis.

This might explain some of her anger towards Quinn when she hears he also had suspicions towards Dexters involvement with the case.

Both Stiles and Hall received Golden Globe nominations earlier this week for their work.

The entire “Dexter” cast received a joint ensemble acting nomination from the Screen Actors Guild Thursday morning.

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