Hibernate saveorupdate not updating chris botti dating

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Therefore you are obligated to call Hibernate Session()Other times you only want to Update. Hello, I have a table with a generated Id (mapped as Id in Hibernate) and a logical Key (a normal property with a unique index in database).If I use save Or Update, it looks for the Id, and if its not in table, it uses save to save the object.So it can happen, that it tries to generate a new row, ...I am trying to understand how Hibernate Template handles session open and close.

The id of the table is a native key and when the users are loaded the have their ..is the difference between session.saveorupdate() and sesssion.save(). I tried to insert a row with save Or Update but it gave me Could not synchronize database state with session , SQL insert, update or delete failed (row not found) error. Posted: Mon May 16, 2005 am Beginner Joined: Mon May 16, 2005 am Posts: 20 Hi, what is the right way to retry saving a new/transient object where saving failed before because of a not-null constraint on one of it's properties? The object you pass in is always going to be the same class (Element, I think), so you use the entity name to discriminate.Need to 'save Or Update' it later It throws Non Unique Object Exception. I created a new object and I'm using the assigned generator. But sometimes you only are interested in saving data.If the data already exists you need to throw an error.Here I'm back with the same question: I have the following situation: c1 has 2 children c2 and c3 c2 has also 2 children c4 and c5.when I store c1 into the database, everything works fine.

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