History on latin dating customs

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Talking to Remezcla, Leguizamo explained that his show is a way to fight back the anti-immigrant rhetoric we’re seeing on the news.By unearthing the history of the many Latino military heroes who have served in the United States army, and placing these contributions alongside breakthroughs that we owe to the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Taínos, Leguizamo also hoped to remind audiences of the connection Latinos today have with those native tribes that once populated the Americas.

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Enter “HIST30” in the “I have a promo code” box on the Public Theater’s Latin History page and choose your date.We fought for your democracy.” It’s as simple yet crucial a lesson as Leguizamo is looking to impart.One just hopes America is taking notes and stops flunking out.“Without a past to glorify and uplift you, how do you propel yourself into an unknown, tenuous future?,” he recently asked in an October 2016 Op-Ed penned for the .

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