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The tag champs have now been pinned clean in their last 3 matches, hardly the dominance we should be seeing from them. Chris Jericho revealed in his recent interview with Live Audio Wrestling that he has pitched a buddy cop movie for WWE Studios with him and Kevin Owens.The ending of the match featured some » - Liam Hoofe There are many great movie projects that have never seen the light of day. They came up with the idea after Vince Mc Mahon really liked their chemistry together, but sadly it isn’t happening.

Maryse is a realtor in California and says she knows what she is doing."This whole place…you might as well just tear it down," he tells Maryse.After her husband calls the house "a piece of junk," Maryse confesses that she already bought the » Liam Hoofe rounds up all of the action from the week in WWE…When asked if she was nervous, Maryse says: “Well I never really held a gun, so yeah.” Eva Marie says: “I want Maryse to..more » - April Neale Eva Marie is taking Maryse to a shooting range on tonight's Total Divas.After a man tries to break into Maryse and The Miz's house, Eva Marie decides to take Maryse to a shooting range in order for her to learn how to shoot a gun and defend herself if that situation ever occurred again.

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