Mcafee epo not updating

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Verify there is a Product Update task type enabled.

Select the Task Name, locate the "Package Types:" label. Criteria: If a Product update is Enabled with Engine and DAT selected, and scheduled for at least a weekly update, this is not a finding.

I have tried to tag these systems with Uninstall/Reinstalls to fix the issue, and it worked on two machines, but there is still at least 20 machines that are not registering properly!

I've tried this several different times over the course of a week now, giving plenty of time (at least 24 hours) between the uninstall and reinstall but the issue still remains in e PO.

mcafee epo not updating-81

mcafee epo not updating-21

I haven't found a full answer to the question I have asked, but for anyone who might be struggling with the same issue: A temporary work around is to harass the e PO server until it complies with the request.

Please note: in the answer that I provide below, it ignores the part about the install/uninstall tag "trick" not working.

This is because I had to perform very specific actions to get it to work (monitoring the agent closely to ensure it didn't throw out error messages or fail to communicate entirely after a short while).

To view status, right click Mc Afee agent in notification tray, select Quick Settings, Show Drive Encryption status.

Hey all, I have been helping out with a Mc Afee Epo server for over a year now...

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