Nail chronology as an aid to dating old buildings sedating the

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Waldo, with a degree in mining engineering from UC Berkeley, directed the day-to-day operations of the mine and served as overseer of the Rancho Cuyamaca Grant lands.

Figure 2: Stonewall Mine 1889 or 1890, with Hoist House and Mill Buildings Stonewall Mine (Figure 2, above) was well publicized as a highly successful mining operation by 1886.

In this same year, the work force reached 200 men and the mine had been sunk to a depth of 400 feet.

The mine shaft, identified as Feature 81, reached a depth of 600 feet in 1892.

Subsequently, Waterman purchased lands of the Rancho Cuyamaca Grant; this grant land comprises the present-day state park.

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For example, 5,182 tons of gold ore was mined and processed in 1888 with a total value of 8,666.Archaeologists from the Southern Service Center (SSC) of California State Parks conducted test-level archaeological excavations at potential locations of new park visitor facilities in April-June 2006 and October-November 2007 to identify the presence or absence of significant cultural remains.The latter fieldwork represents the first subsurface archaeological explorations ever conducted at the Stonewall Mine site.The Stonewall Mine itself consists of a body of gold-bearing quartz surrounded by quartz diorite and schist.Today, the site is characterized by a pine-oak woodland vegetation community with a ground cover dominated by exotic grasses.

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