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“I don’t think they get enough opportunities or taken seriously enough. I don’t think girls are scared of working hard at all, but it’s the social part of living that will always be at the back of a girl’s mind and I think that’s why there are so few female chefs – apart from exceptions like Angela Hartnett and Claire Smyth [at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay]. I’m good at getting up and running a restaurant.” When Wareing’s restaurant at The Berkeley reopens, it will be a very different place.To be clear: the fact that I’m here now isn’t by luck or by being the most talented chef in the world, because I’m not. “People’s perception of fine dining is as stiff and French, and I would see customers come in and open a great book of a menu with a sense of nervousness,” he explains.“I don’t have a policy about kids, but it’s exactly the same as on a plane. Do you really want to have something squawking and dribbling in front of you while you’re trying to have a nice meal?I think people should be a little more cautious of other customers.” In five to 10 years’ time, Wareing’s plan is to morph from chef to restaurateur. And I won’t miss it, because I want to enjoy the fruits of my labour without being chained to the stove.” If there’s one job that could ever coax him on to our TV screens, it’s the one Michel Roux Jr has just relinquished as host of Master Chef.One night 13 years ago, back in the boomtown days of British restaurants, when bankers and brokers would pay a couple of grand to sit at a private table overlooking a Michelin-starred chef’s kitchen, something happened that changed Marcus Wareing’s modus operandi.The chef of what was then Pétrus – now his eponymous restaurant at The Berkeley hotel in Knightsbridge – had just given a fierce dressing down to one of his cooks.

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“If I never speak to that guy again for the rest of my life,” Wareing told me then, “it wouldn’t bother me one bit.” They haven’t spoken since – and Wareing doesn’t seem remotely bothered.“We were very working class and my father was never home, so I would cycle to his warehouse up the road and help out because that was the only way I could see him.” Wareing went on to train under, and work with, some of the most celebrated chefs in the business, including Anton Edelmann, Albert Roux and Pierre Koffmann, and, although he still works 16-hour days, he has always made his family – his three children, Jake, Archie and Jessie, with wife Jane – a priority.“Dad never saw his children and I’m not going to miss out on my children growing up."Lemonade Mouth" tells kids and tweens that building your confidence rocks and finding your destiny rules.The story follows five disparate high school students - Olivia (Bridgit Mendler), Mo (Naomi Scott), Charlie (Blake Michael), Stella (Hayley Kiyoko), and Wen (Adam Hicks) who meet in detention.

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