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Trying to comb through the details of potential partners, swiping left and right and crafting the perfect "About Me" section.

Not to mention the dating horror stories when you actually do meet up and find you're totally incompatible.

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Ginsberg told me a personal story, the moral of which is this: No matter what medium you use to meet people, you're going to face the same challenges in finding a relationship.Relationship Needs Assessment Plenty of Fish creates a more accurate picture of your relationship needs assessment by providing you with 100 questions about the subject. Username search Interface Navigating around the site was quite easy.This would hopefully give you and other members a better insight into what you are looking for in a partner. Search functionality was simple allowing you to choose from predetermined options from drop down menus.This is done by asking members to answer a series of questions detailing their personality and relationship needs. This is a free service and all you need is to answer basic personal information as well as its Relationship Chemistry Predictor and Relationship Needs Assessment questionnaire.This allows you and other members a more detailed look into each member’s personality and match preferences.

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