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This is especially helpful for fetching either a subset of columns from a table or columns from multiple tables.

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The most common form of an INSERT statement is where column_list is the list of columns that will be populated on insert and expression_list is the list of expressions that will be assigned to their respective columns.It’s rare, in fact, that the data with which you are working is just a single value, so records and other composite datatypes are likely to figure prominently in your PL/SQL programs.This article explores how you declare records, populate them with rows from a table, and even insert or change an entire row in a table by using a record.You can do this at the record level or by referencing individual fields of that record, with the same dot notation used in SQL to refer to the column of a table.So if I declare a record as follows, Most of the time when you work with records, you will be assigning a row from a table to a record.

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