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Navid Kanani is a zealous litigator who knows how to handle the tense courtroom atmosphere.He attended the Southwestern Law School’s accelerated two-year J. program and upon his admittance into the California State Bar immediately began his career as a relentless Attorney. Kanani handles all employment litigation matters, including wrongful termination and wage and hour claims. Kanani is well versed in personal injury, real estate litigation related matters, including mortgage and banking law, commercial litigation, lender liability, foreclosure litigation and eviction litigation.We have successfully represented employees all throughout California for over 30 years and are comitted to providing excellence in every case we handle.

If you are concern if introducing of Spring AOP decrease performance, as you are adding overhead to execution of all your service calls, check this blog post.Aspect Oriented Programming allows you to “define cross-cutting concerns that can be applied across separate, very different, object models”.AOP complements Object Oriented Programming by increasing modularity with applying common behavior to multiple non-related object models.Navid is also bi-lingual, a native Farsi speaker representing the Iranian community here in Los Angeles.He has litigated a vast array of cases and he has represented hundreds of clients in almost every county in California. Kanani’s experience includes working as an associate at Novak and Ben-Cohen, LLP, an aggressive trial litigation firm that has procured millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for Plaintiffs. Kanani also successfully completed an externship with United States Bankruptcy Judge Samuel Bufford.

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