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I got smacked a fair bit growing up, and it was always quite formal.I'd usually be sent to my room and mum would come up after an hour or so, lecture me, and then put me over her knee and give me maybe 10-20 smacks with her hand, or rarely if I was in trouble for something more serious, she'd use a wooden spoon(hated when she came in holding that).Anytime you find yourself justifying something you said with “I certainly didn’t intend to give the spanking myself,” it is a sign that, at least, you are not making the best possible choices. Sometimes “it was a joke” is not the rock-solid defense one might wish it to be.Whether or not you think your friends are overreacting, I’m curious: Did you try to apologize as you were being asked to leave the party?She's expecting to be hit on the hand but the old lady makes her drop her jeans and bend over for it.This made me lol massively and I made a comment like 'my mum sure must have known her' which got us started talking about how our parents disciplined us as kids.Now I’ve noticed that some other mutual friends with children have also unfriended me. A: I’ll be honest—I had never heard of this tradition, and had to look it up to verify that it’s, apparently, kind of a thing, or was once upon a time.

If you want to come casual, there is a HUGE party waiting for you! COME ON OUT and be part of a crossover mindfuck of a party where we escalate and redefine what is possible at electronic dance parties and kink events alike. note that jeans & topless will NOT get you entry to the Play Lounge, but jeans & harness is AWESOME, PERMITTED & HOT.

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Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. (Sign up below to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Not a pervert: At a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, I commented that the birthday girl still needed a birthday spanking.

My friend kicked me out of the party, and I soon discovered that she had unfriended and blocked me on social media.

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