Updating the exterior of a home

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I considered a whole bunch of lanterns at a wide range of prices, and ended up picking the ones you see here as my favorites – despite the fact that they were among the least expensive options, at less than apiece.I like the slimness of the frame and the simplicity of the glass (it’s not inset, doesn’t have any bubbles, etc), and the curved handle gives it a little elegance that I think suits the house nicely.” Because on this house, details and flair are nowhere to be found.

Let’s face it, you’re not always going to recoup the money you spent on a remodeling project when it comes time to sell.The DIYS: : I initially considered just painting the brick white, but to me, all that says is “I painted over my brick because I wish it wasn’t there.” I wanted to try to make it a true accent wall, and worked with my friend Erin (who is a genius) to do a mortar wash (a.k.a.a “German smear”) which faded the color, added dimension, and gave the brick a more aged, distressed feel.I was really wowed by the makeover Sicora Design gave this little stone house called Pearce Cottage in Minnesota.It was cute but kind of nondescript before, and the style of those dormers didn’t really work. I’m loving it all, from the front door and new porch to the new and improved dormer windows.

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