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I wouldn't be writing about this except it's now happened twice in the span of a few weeks.

I know this won't be news to some of my more experienced e-commerce friends, but my hope is that it is found by buyers of all levels and sellers who haven't experienced it and hopefully it will save them a few moments of panic.

Thankfully in each case the buyer on the other end of my transaction was a repeat customer whom I'd already had an established relationship with.This post is for buyers and sellers of goods through the mail, specifically those sending or receiving their goods via USPS using Delivery Confirmation.I'm putting it here in the midst of my Classic Movie articles because despite all of the information I try to give you in that regard this is primarily an ecommerce site and I always ship via USPS.My specific problem though, and again, I've had this happen twice in the past several weeks is when Delivery Confirmation states DELIVERED and correctly lists the buyer's home town, state and zip with a time of delivery.In these two recent instances the package was yet received by my buyers.

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