Websex validating file upload control

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Gathers the following: *3 forward traces *15 reverse traces (3 from each Web Ex Looking Glass) *Pathping *Netstat *TCPView (3rd party Systinternals utility) *NSLookup *Dig (DNS queries) *Proxycfg and misc Proxy reg keys (to see if Proxy is enabled) *IPConfig /all and /displaydns *System Info (Contains system info but not complete details as when using msinfo32) *Netsh (shows misc network and system config) *Tasklist (running processes) *Misc Web Ex registry keys This utility gathers logs in a live session related to 'in meeting' issues.

It is used for diagnosing various meeting issues like application crashing, teleconference issues and meeting connection issues (chat, polling, multimedia, NBR).

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