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Plus, by coming clean about your own vision of the future, you give your sweetie the opportunity to decide whether or not they’re in the picture with you.As tricky as tackling some of these questions with your sweetie can be, your future relationship success depends on your ability to communicate with one another.However, if one of you wants children while the other one does not, that may be considered a deal breaker.Rather than expect your partner to change their position to match yours, respect them for their choice.

Or, if your potential partner hates his or her job but has no plans to make a change, you’ll have to decide if their career unhappiness will negatively affect you and your relationship in the future.Is the person you’re dating someone you could see yourself settling down with?If the answer is yes, you then need to broach the subject with your sweetie.If you can establish comfortable and healthy lines of communication early on, it’ll be easier to deal with the occasional bumps in the road.Above all else, remember to be true to yourself, summon your inner strength, and tackle the tough questions early on.

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