Who dating christian kane

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I emailed Eric and he emailed me back and said that he would forward my info to the “legal authorities”. And yes, I’m a Kane fan and have nothing against him. FYI-I have been asked for information on what is currently going on with this (May 2014).

I should hear something within 3 days of them receiving my contact information. If you read the story then you will see that the girl is of age as of now.

I just never really heard anything and figured they were just ignoring me in the hope I would just loose interest or leave the issue alone What are your intentions?

Is your main objective to receive back child support for her, to reunite them, or both? Is it true that you are currently in talks with Eric Griffin of Brand X Management (who represents Christian Kane) regarding the legalities of this matter?

Recently after making a Kane comment (while listening to his latest album) I noticed that a woman named Jennifer Ekl Stoker was following me.

Hello Jennifer Stoker, Are you claiming that your daughter Alissa Haley Barosh’s father is actor/singer Christian Kane? I was in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega and he was an ATO pledge.

Yes, Alissa Haley Barosh’s biological father is Christian Kane How and where did you meet Christian? We were having one of our sorority philanthropy called “Mr Spring Fling”. Did Christian leave you while you were pregnant or after you gave birth? He said he was not ready to be a father and didn’t have “cash” ( a term he used a lot).

I have 2 theories as to why this has been happening.

She is mainly contacting Christian Kane fans whom do not want to hear anything negative about him or it’s because casual movie goers and TV watchers probably do not recognize Christian Kane by name. Your Crash Course-Christian Kane is currently starring in the successful TNT series Leverage.

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